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Mar 05, 2021

AHA News: Why Did Yankees Manager Get a Pacemaker, and How Does It Work?

With each beat of your heart, the muscle squeezes, feeding blood to the rest of your body. The squeeze is triggered by an electrical impulse. Sometimes, though, a glitch slows that impulse. This can ..

Mar 05, 2021

Health Highlights: March 5, 2021

Anti-Parasite Drug Won't Help Against Mild COVID-19: Study A drug called ivermectin that's typically used to treat parasitic worms and has been viewed as a potential COVID-19 treatment does ..

Mar 05, 2021

How Moving the Homeless to Hotels During the Pandemic Helps Everyone

Giving homeless COVID-19 patients a free hotel room for their quarantine and recovery pays huge health dividends for the entire community, according to a new study out of San Francisco. Only 4% of ho ..

Mar 05, 2021

Lockdowns Tied to Temporary Drops in Illicit Drug Seizures

Seizures of illegal drugs fell sharply in the United States during early COVID-19 lockdowns, but spiked once stay-at-home orders eased. Researchers studied seizures of marijuana, cocaine, methampheta ..

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