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Apr 10, 2021

Re-focusing on Getting Fit? Heart Experts Offer These Tips

Want to get rid of all that weight you put on during the pandemic? To help out, the American Heart Association (AHA) is launching an initiative called Move More. One in four U.S. adults is sitting f ..

Apr 09, 2021

Nearly Half of U.S. Veterans Cited 'Personal Growth' During Pandemic: Survey

Could there actually be a mental health upside to the ongoing pandemic? In a word, yes. At least that's the finding of a new survey, in which roughly four in 10 U.S. military veterans said that the ..

Apr 09, 2021

You've Got Fungi in Your Lungs, and That's OK

There's more than one kind of fungus living among lung tissue, but people can breathe easy knowing these species are for the most part harmless, scientists say. It's normal for people to have fungi i ..

Apr 09, 2021

Health Highlights: April 9, 2021

First Living Donor Transplant of Lung Tissue to COVID-19 Patient The world's first first transplant of lung tissue from living donors to a COVID-19 patient with severe lung damage was announ ..

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