Stress Management Topics

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress? You can start to view stress as a fact of life and respond to it in positive ways.

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Can You Control Workplace Interruptions?

Chances are, workplace interruptions are robbing you of time and the ability to concentrate on important tasks.

Date Night that Doubles as Couples Therapy: Yes, You Read That Right

Great news for you and your sweetheart. New research suggests seeing a movie together (and discussing it afterwards) could offer the same benefits as couples therapy. Diana Keough explains why.

Distracted at Work? Read This: We've Got Your Solution

If it seems like that to-do list never ends, this week’s Friday Flyer will help you whittle it down. Give us two minutes and you’ll be more than ready to get back to work.

Does Your Commute Suck as Much as Ours?

Cars and trucks and traffic, oh my! Is your commute bad for your health? Research is finding it may be a lot more harmful than you realize. Watch this to ease your bumper to bumper blues.

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

Okay. So it might not cure strep throat. And it probably won't repair a fractured femur. But laughter actually has some pretty impressive health benefits you may not know about. Find out why all of us could stand to giggle a bit more often.

Pediatric Chronic Illness: Keeping a Relationship Strong

Parents never want a child's illness to strain their marriage, but it happens. Joe and Lori Dickman share their story of how they learned from their mistakes and kept their marriage strong.

Relaxation: Oceans

The beautiful Oregon Coast with sounds of nature and the Pacific Ocean.

Relaxation: Waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls of Oregon with sounds of nature.

Relaxation: Streams

Beautiful streams of Oregon with sounds of nature.

The Secret to Looking Younger (Come On, You Know You're Curious...)

We're not talking fancy new lotions, potions or creams. We're talking good, old-fashioned stress relief. Want to get to a more zen (and younger-looking) you? Here's how.